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What is Troffice?

What are our goals?

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Troffice is a young company with the mission to accompany staff through their everyday work with active and professionally guided online courses. 

Regular exercises counteract misstealing and unleash new strength for work and leisure. Therefore, our guiding principle at Troffice is:

“Always keep moving” 

You are welcome to test our offer in a first free team training!

  • Healthy posture at work

  • The mental health of employees

  • Through joint activities promote teamwork

  • Improve productivity of your company

  • Minimize sick days of your employees

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Financial Savings

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without Troffice

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with Troffice

Increased sick days due to lack of exercise at work

Increased team spirit and improved mobility through regular course sessions

Benefits for your employees

Health promotion

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At Troffice we want to strengthen you as an employee for everyday work. These are simple and regular sports units that can be easily integrated into the day at work or in the home office.

Increase in motivation

Regular sports units promote blood circulation and increase not only productivity but also motivation. Especially with tough projects, you can recharge your batteries and start again with a clear head.

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Benefits for your company

Reduction in sick days

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On average, there are 17 sick days per year per employee. With the help of Troffice, common complaints can be reduced to an average of 13 days! You do something good for your employees and you can save on average €1,047 per employee and year.

Increasing attractiveness for employees

Sport and healthy nutrition are currently the hot topic in Germany. As a company manager, you have the opportunity to offer both your existing and future employees new advantages in the company. Your training at office!

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Strengthening of the team spirit

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The sports units are carried out together as a team. In this way, the team spirit of your departments develops in addition to a healthy body. Common goals are set and everyone is involved. 

More productive employees

Movement provides energy and helps your employees to be more active in everyday life and to keep their concentration high. Your employees are therefore more active and can  grow beyond themselves.

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Have we piqued your interest? Then feel free to contact us using the button below! If you have any questions, we are of course at your disposal at any time.

Our partner


"Having some athletic downtime with my colleagues is a super thing."

"Regular exercise is really good for me!"

"It really works with the feedback given!"

"I feel more active and resilient since Troffice."

"The exercise sessions are great to incorporate into your day!"

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