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Bubble soccer

Discover the craziest and action-packed experience for your team - Bubble Soccer! Combine soccer with bubble balls that will surround your players for laughter and fun.

Bubble Soccer is a unique team building experience where you and your colleagues roll, run and kick around the pitch in giant inflatable bubbles. A perfect way to strengthen team spirit and leave the daily work routine behind.

Location: We will orientate ourselves according to your wishes and find a suitable hall / facility in your vicinity. If required, you can also specify a location yourself.

Group size: We consider about 30 people to be the ideal number. However, larger or smaller groups are not a problem.

Event duration: 3 hours we plan for the implementation of the tournament.

Organization: One of our trainers will oversee the event and also plan the tournament tree, as well as any other tasks that may arise.

Have we piqued your interest? Then simply contact us using the button below! If you have any questions, we are of course at your disposal at any time.

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